Surround Design Tables

Large- 32Hx60Wx38D

The large surround was our first design.  The rounded design gives the griller extra space and a wrap around design while grilling.  The deepest point is approximately 38" deep. This table will not accommodate an XL egg or Big Joe. Individual pricing for this table starts at $275.

(board on front in photo are to be removed and are for shipping purposes. Better photo to come...)



A smaller version of the large surround, this table is perfect for those with smaller grills or for those with less space who want more stability than a cradle provides.  This table will not accommodate the XL or Big Joe grills. Individual pricing for this table starts at $225.


Keeping Your Table Beautiful

Our tables are raw cypress.  We HIGHLY recommend sealing your table with a spar urethane or polyurethane based sealer to protect against rain, sun, and other natural elements.  

Twin Shelf & Rectangle Designs

Large Twin Shelf 60Wx32D, Depth Varies


The twin shelf is our most popular design because it provides so much space both for grilling up top, and for storage down below.  This table is also more versatile meaning we can make it for almost any grill. For an Xl or Big Joe, the tops are 34" deep (a $20 uncharge) instead of the standard 27". Individual pricing for this table starts at $275. 

Small Twin Shelf-32Hx45Wx27D


The small twin is a good alternative for those who like the design of the large twin but have space restrictions.  It still offers quite a bit of space.  The small twin will not accommodate an XL or Big Joe.  Individual pricing for this table starts at $225.

Rectangle 60", 45", or 40" Wide


This table is very simple.  It has a rectangle top in either 40", 45", or 60" widths.  The depth can be up to 34" to accommodate to larger grills ($20 upcharge over 29"). This table has one solid shelf so you can choose the placement of your grill.  It can be left, right, center, your choice! Individual pricing for this table varies based on width chosen.

Tables for Multiple Grills


For The Serious Grillers

Our newest designs are designed to hold up to THREE grills! In this section you will see several different configurations of what we call our "Triple Table".  We think every order we've had for these has been different so far. Customers want taller legs, extra shelves, holes in different places, one hole, two holes, three holes. I doubt we've made two exactly the same.  You will definitely not have the same setup as your neighbor. 


90" That's 7 1/2 Feet!

Our biggest grill table, this table will provide you with tons of space while grilling.  The standard design comes with 3 shelves, all the same size, and 8 casters rated at 250lbs each. Dimensions are 90" wide, 27" deep, and 32" tall. Customizations can be made for height and depth for additional charges. Please ask.  Individual Pricing for this table starts at $425.



For those who don't have 90" of space but still want lots of storage or a table for multiple grills...this one is for you. Basically the same design, the 77" has one shelf that is longer than the other two. This table has the same 8 casters. You can also add the same customizations for additional upcharges.  Individual pricing for this table starts at $380. 

Better Hardware


Every table comes with at least 4 heavy duty casters, rated at 250 lbs each.  Larger tables come with 8.  Every table has two locking casters. 

Better Assembly


Our wood is pocket cut and assembled by screws underneath the top of the table.  There are no nails or screws showing anywhere on the top or outside of your table. Since our wood runs front to back, instead of sideways, this will also help resist warping and twisting while outside in the elements. 

Better Service


We have been selling our grill tables since 2004 and take great pride in our work.  We try to keep the most popular designs in stock to meet the current demand.  If you own a store or just need one for home, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  We would love the opportunity to meet your needs.